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 New Zealand Jewellery 

for New Zealanders



means jewellery

Sterling Silver - Paua Pendants

(Including Silver Chain)

Sterling silver inlaid with natural Paua Shell


Yes, the vibrant changing rainbow of colour that you see as you move this piece of jewellery,

is the real natural colour of Paua Shell. No dyes or artificial colours. Each piece is different each piece is unique. Rei jewellery Ltd uses only the highest quality natural Paua Shell. 


Sterling Silver (.925) is the silver standard used by quality silver smiths around the world.


The photographs are representative of what we make. Rei Jewellery Ltd.

Paua is a species of abalone (Haliotis iris), which a very special shell.

It is only found in the seas around New Zealand. Every shell is different, every pattern unique.

As you move the shell in the light, the colours change and move. The iridescence comes from photonic crystals of calcium carbonate laid down in the shell by the paua. This is the same optical effect as opals.


Inspired by this amazing natural gem of New Zealand Rei Jewellery Ltd creates quality jewellery using only gem grade natural paua. Designs that embody the very essence of New Zealand

New Zealand Jewellery

For New Zealanders


Sterling Silver - NZ Paua Hook & Studs Earrings

  Sterling Silver Stud earrings set with natural paua shell. Paua is a species of abalone (Haliotis iris),   which a very special shell. 
  Sterling  Silver posts are the safe and healthy option. 

Carved Paua Shell - Sterling Silver

Paua is a species of abalone (Haliotis iris), which a very special shell. 
It is only found in the seas around New Zealand
Sterling Silver - Paua Rings 

We try to keep the appropriate range of ring sizes in stock, but there is a large variation in peoples fingers. Please email us with the ring size required or use the "Payment Offline" option in the checkout process, which allows us to check we have the right size in stock before your card is charged.