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Home (Wave-Frond II)

The bush, the sea, encircling us.

The Fern, the Koru, unfurling.

A symbol of what New Zealanders Call "Home"

(3131bx - Sterling Silver Paua Pendant & Chain)


An original design by Ray Fransham, 5th generation New Zealander, founder of Rei Jewellery Ltd. 


This piece, like all our jewellery, is a design of my creation  - Ray Fransham

The unfurling fern frond is at the core of the design, with its ideas of growth and new beginnings. Wrapped in a circle that references the sea and the way it encircles our islands. 


But the design should be about what you see in it, and the emotions you find in it. Passing this on to ..... will give the piece true meaning.


Rei Jewellery Ltd. holds all the rights of copyright for this design.


We guarantee you'll love the jewellery we send to you or your money back. You can't get better than that!


• All prices are in NZ$    • Exchange rates will vary.  Right now NZ$100 is approx. US$70.00

Flat Rate Shipping Worldwide NZ$15.00


All designs are copyright of Rei Jewellery Ltd.

Any copying or use of images or designs is strictly prohibited.  All rights reserved © 2017.


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