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New Zealand Greenstone Ring Set in Sterling Silver. Small & simple designs, 3 pieces stone across the top. Greenstone embellisment sits flush with the ring. Solid Sterling Silver to fit comfortably for Her .

Size Ranges K, L up to R & S/T

"Three stones"NZ Pounamu Silver Ring G7038 (K,L to R, ST)

  • G7038 - NZ Jade Sterling Silver Ring

    NZ Jade with sterling three pieces cabochon ring inlay.

    Lovely  greenstone band across long 18 mm & width 4 mm. 

    Premium, high dome cabs are much more substantial and increase the profile of the stone in our design. Dark olive green: colour varies. 

    All designs are copyright of Rei Jewellery Ltd. 


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    60 day right of return if you are not completely satisfied.

  • Jewellery Care

    NZ Greenstone with silver is high quality nacre, the same material as pearls. DO NOT use chemical cleaning dips, as these can eat into the natural shell. Gentel polishing with silver polish or a silver polishing cloth will restore the lustre and shine.

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