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Genuine NZ Jade / Pounamu Necklace with Plaited Cord. New Look!

It is our quest to find symbols that are meaningful to New Zealanders. That tie the stories of NZ together.    Heraldry - Kiwi Style 

G3017bx - New Zealand Greenstone Necklace (body 8.5 cm) & Plaited Cord Overall Length 45 cm  

Original Designs by Ray Fransham , Rei Jewellery Ltd, copywright 2021

 We have used several different colored stone in each of these large pendants, and there is variation within each stone, so each piece is unique.

"CresentMoon" NZ Greenstone Pounamu Necklace G3017ABX

  • "Cresents Moon" G3017

    NZ Greenstone - Pounamu Necklace. 

    Cresent- Moon " New life, new beginning, harmony and Peace.

    Total body, Width approximately 8.50 cm.

    Plaited Cord Overall Length 45cm/18 inch.. 

    All designs are copyright of Rei Jewellery Ltd. 


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    60 day right of return if you are not completely satisfied.

  • NZ Greenstone/ Pounamu

    Greenstone or Pounamu was always the most precious of things for Maori. Because of its hardness and toughness, it made the best tools, the best weapons, as well as the most beautiful ornaments, and was regarded like diamonds.

    What Maori call their spiritual connectedness with Jade, has led all New Zealanders to love and respect it, and to regard it as our National Stone. 

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