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Hand Carved Black Pearl Shell Earring - Sterling Silver Hook . It can be matching set with Black Pearl Silver Necklace (99052bx)
Black Pearl Shell natural Gem of the South Pacific.

Beautifully hand carved Black Pearl Shell Silver Earring - 92208ABX

  • "Dreams" Silver Koru Black Pearl Shell Earring

    Hand carved black pearl shell earring with sterling silver hook findings. This is the shell that nurtures the fabled Black pearls of the South Pacific.  Coming from the warm waters of the Cook Islands and Tahiti. Black Pearl shell is one of the true natural gems of the sea. Expeart carving and polishing reveals the subtle rainbow of iridescent colour within the natural shell. Exclusively using gem quality shell, design by Ray Fransham, takes this tradictional Polynesian jewellery material to a whole new level. Rei Jewellery Ltd.


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    60 day right of return if you are not completely satisfied.

  • Sterling Silver Safe & Healthy

    Rei Jewellery Ltd. only uses solid sterling silver, including our hooks & chains, because our jewellery is designed to be worn and enjoyed for many years.

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