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"Blacklip Mother of Pearl"  Lovingly carved from natural Black Pearl shell, the traditional jewellery material of the South pacific. Incorporating the best of NZ design, with ancient forms rendered with modern fair. 

Exclusively using gem quality shell, design by Ray Fransham, takes this traditional Polynesian jewellery material to a new level.


By Rei Jewellery Ltd

Black Pearl"Fifth Elements" Hand Crafted with plaited cord 98100

  • "Fifth Elements" Black Pearl Hand Crafted

    Round shape size 60 mm.

    Hand Plaited Cord length 22-24 inch.

     All designs are copyright of Rei Jewellery Ltd.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    60 day right of return if you are not completely satisfied.

  • Paua Jewellery Care

    Paua shell is high quality nacre, the same material as pearls. DO NOT use chemical cleaning dips, as these can eat into the natural shell. Gentel polishing with silver polish or a silver polishing cloth will restore the lustre and shine. Though the Silver chain can be dipped separated ;-) 

  • Black Pearl Shell

    This is the shell that nurtures the fabledBlack pearls of the South Pacific. Coming from the warm waters of the Cook Islands and Tahiti, Black Pearl Shell is one of the true gems of the sea.

    Expert polishing and carving by Rei Jewellery reveals the suble rainbow of colour woithin the natural shell.

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