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 Rei means Jewellery

       New Zealand Jewellery

    We've been designing for over 30 years, jewellery that resonates with what it means to be a New Zealander


Rei means  jewellery

Jewellery that means something.
Jewellery that is worth giving meaning to.

3089 "Wave-Frond" Inspired by the Silver Fern - iconic emblem of New Zealands sport teams. "Wave-Frond" speaks of the sea, the beach and the bush. atrue symbol of New Zealand, by Ray Fransham
3094 Dream Song.jpg



Genuine NZ Greenstone - Pounamu Silver Necklace

Original  Copyright Designs

by Ray Fransham




The carved Paua cabochon in the centre of this necklace, really shows off the Rolling Fire of gem quality Paua Shell.


"Strong Men' Ring" NZ Pounamu Ring by Rei - NZ Jewellery Online Store


"Strong Men's Ring" 

NZ Greenstone Silver Ring


Rei_Double Koru_ Pounamu necklace with Plaited cordg3008 .jpg


"Double- Koru" 

NZ Greenstone - Pounamu Necklace


We've been creating our range of jewellery for over 30 years.

Using the natural gems of NZ to create jewellery that reflects the unique blend of culture that makes NZ special.


Proudly created in Waikato, by Ray Fransham.  


Natural Paua Shell      NZ Greenstone - Pounamu      Black Pearl Shell  


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